Voodoo Ribeye

What makes people drive 200 miles for a steak?

In the case of Monte’s Voodoo Ribeye, it’s a secret mix of spices, rubbed on a hand-carved and hand-trimmed steak, then blackened and topped with stuffed oysters and shrimp. (Some people say there’s a vegetable medley and Fettucine Alfredo served alongside, and sure enough you can see them right there in the photo.)

“I have some customers who drive from as far away as Memphis for the Voodoo Ribeye,” says Chef Monte in his thick Nigerian accent, and flashing his trademark big grin. “They tell me, ‘don’t close before I get there – I’m on my way!’”

Chef Monte is tight-lipped about the spices that go on the Voodoo Ribeye, but we do know this much: There is garlic, paprika, basil, and… curry powder! “Just a hint,” says Monte. “It’s part of the voodoo. Are you tasting something from the far east? From the Caribbean?”

Whatever part of the world you’re tasting, one thing’s for sure: The Voodoo Ribeye has cast a spell on many of Monte’s loyal customers.

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