New Orleans Bread Pudding

Chef Monte loves to talk about how he makes all of his dishes – except one: His New Orleans Bread Pudding.

One bite, and you can understand why. Yes, it’s sweet, as all good bread pudding is. But there’s more.

Is that brown sugar? Chef Monte furrows his brow. “No – no brown sugar.” Then what is it? “I don’t want to talk about how it’s done.” We get the distinct impression that the best thing to do is to eat it, and enjoy it in silent bliss.

So we do.

A few bites later, we summon the courage to ask about the sauce, and the chef is a little more forthcoming. “It’s a rum-butter sauce,” he says,  and though we wait for him to say more about it, he doesn’t.

“Do you like it?” he asks.

We nod, our eyes closed. Yes, we do. We like it. Very, very much.

Chef Monte smiles, and heads back to his kitchen.

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